2022/2023 Departmental Orientation Program for Freshmen Students

The master of occasion, Dr. Kennedy Okokpujie welcomes the freshman to the department of Electrical and Information Engineering (EIE). Dr. Kennedy introduced the Head of Department (HoD), Prof. Emmanuel Adetiba and recognized senior members of the faculties and staffs, and also the departmental examination officer.

Prof. Emmanuel Adetiba, HOD EIE gave his opening remarks welcoming the freshman to covenant university as eaglets. He charged how competitive the admission process was however God's favour was upon them to be selected into the department it was a great thing to be grateful for.  He went through the core value of the department, and he stressed how it was coined in line with the university's core values. He further stated that the department is divided into three programs: Computer Engineering, Electrical Electronics Engineering and Information Communication Engineering. Prof. Emmanuel Adetiba spoke on the content of each program. There was an interactive session on the prospect of each of the programs. Dr Kennedy later introduced the examination officer, Dr Tobiloba Somefun. 

Dr. Tobiloba Somefun the department examinations officer educated the freshmen on the protocols and examination ethics and what was required for the freshmen to be qualified for the examination. He also charged the freshmen on the importance of having a backup for every official document they were to produce to the department.

Associate Professor Dr. Awelewa Ayokunle charge the freshmen the level advisers as their parents on this ground and conduct themselves well. He encouraged them to be focused and believed in themselves to make a first-class.

Associate Professor Dr Adewale Adeyinka spoke about remembering their roots and their values from their homes. The Event continued with the introduction of the level advisers by the master of events. The Chief technologist walked the freshmen through the engagement of the laboratory and how to have access to it. Questions were asked by the students and the HOD provided answers.
The meeting ended with a word of prayer by Associate Prof Felix Agbetuyi


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