Prof. Emmanuel Adetiba (HOD)
ProfessorProf. Emmanuel Adetiba (HOD)
Prof. A. A. A Atayero
ProfessorProf. A. A. A Atayero
Prof. Anthony U. Adoghe
ProfessorProf. Anthony U. Adoghe
Prof. F. E. Idachaba
ProfessorProf. F. E. Idachaba
Prof. Sanjay Misra
ProfessorProf. Sanjay Misra
Dr. Ayoade Felix Agbetuyi
Associate ProfessorDr. Ayoade Felix Agbetuyi
Dr. Adeyinka Ajao Adewale
Associate ProfessorDr. Adeyinka Ajao Adewale
Dr. Ayokunle A. Awelewa
Associate ProfessorDr. Ayokunle A. Awelewa
Dr. Ademola Abdulkareem
Associate ProfessorDr. Ademola Abdulkareem
Dr. Samuel Isaac Adekunle
Associate ProfessorDr. Samuel Isaac Adekunle
Engr (Dr.) Hope Orovwode
Senior LecturerEngr (Dr.) Hope Orovwode
Dr. Badejo Joke Atinuke
Senior LecturerDr. Badejo Joke Atinuke
Dr. Okokpujie Kennedy
Senior LecturerDr. Okokpujie Kennedy
Dr. Olowoleni Joseph Oluwole
Lecturer IDr. Olowoleni Joseph Oluwole
Dr. Oshin Oluwadamilola Adu
Lecturer IDr. Oshin Oluwadamilola Adu
Dr. Oguntosin Victoria
Lecturer IDr. Oguntosin Victoria
Engr. Adelakun Adebiyi Adisa
Lecturer IEngr. Adelakun Adebiyi Adisa
Dr. Omoruyi Osemwegie
Lecturer IDr. Omoruyi Osemwegie
Dr. Shomefun Tobi E.
Lecturer IDr. Shomefun Tobi E.
Dr. Amuta Elizabeth. O.
Lecturer IDr. Amuta Elizabeth. O.
Mrs. Odu Tiwalade O.
Lecturer IIMrs. Odu Tiwalade O.
Mrs Timilehin Fiyinfoluwa Sanni
Lecturer IIMrs Timilehin Fiyinfoluwa Sanni
Mr. Etinosa Noma-Osaghae
Lecturer IIMr. Etinosa Noma-Osaghae
Mrs. Takpor Temitope Oluwatosin
Lecturer IIMrs. Takpor Temitope Oluwatosin
Mr. Michael O. Adedokun
Lecturer IIMr. Michael O. Adedokun
Mrs. Lawal Comfort
Assistant LecturerMrs. Lawal Comfort
Engr. Ifijeh Ayodele Hephzibah
Assistant LecturerEngr. Ifijeh Ayodele Hephzibah
Dr. Temitope M.  Adeyemi-Kayode
Assistant LecturerDr. Temitope M. Adeyemi-Kayode
Mrs. Owuama C. Ebere
Assistant LecturerMrs. Owuama C. Ebere
Mrs Olukayode Kevwe
Assistant LecturerMrs Olukayode Kevwe
Miss Attah Amarachi
Assistant LecturerMiss Attah Amarachi
Mr. Abubakar John
Assistant LecturerMr. Abubakar John
Mr.  Emmanuel Oluwatobi Simonyan
Graduate AssistantMr. Emmanuel Oluwatobi Simonyan

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